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The Process
Without leaving your home, you can consult with an expert resume writer who will provide you with the extra boost you need to land that interview. You can take advantage of these unique benefits now without any need to set an office appointment if you prefer. 

Step 1
We send you a simple questionnaire to complete and return by e-mail or fax. If you prefer, your resume writer can call you and complete the questionnaire for you while the two of you talk on the phone. For projects that involve only typing/editing, you need only send your resume.

Step 2
We contact you by telephone to discuss your qualifications.

Step 3
We send your resume via e-mail. You will approve all of the changes before we finalize your package.
Why settle for less than your full potential? Don't let the interviews for the best jobs go to candidates with higher-quality resumes when you can hire a recognized expert resume writer to create a resume that will get you into the interview.

At Resume-Editor.com, LLC, we focus on quality and customer service. Your resume writer will customize the resume to your needs, preferences, and targeted career choice. Analyzing the job market and employers for your specific goals, a certified professional resume writer creates each package individually to ensure your career success.

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